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Degu mit Panzerung

Bärchen auf der Erde

Dearest Diary,

We ARE on eath !!! Pehraps you don't know this little mud ball, just outside the rim of our galaxy. It is the origin of these small, cute but hairless humies,...
Today I saw the worest thing in my intiere life, and I was borne in a detention camp. Imagine a fast furios and hot headed zentradi warrior dancing to the music of Lynn Minmei,... Yuck !!!
If somebody read this in the univers, please help me !!! (and thous two cute little kitten)


Hey, what do you want?!?

At least I'm not complainig about all those furless humans... Besides, Music is CULTURE! And a little bit of that would suit you and the cats very well... And btw, who was it that bought all those Minmei dolls for me when I was in the hospital...

And now stop writing in this little book and get goin'! We've gotta find protoculture and get outa here...
AAArrgh! Don't remind me! The images in my head! The images! *curls up into a furball and sobs*